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The story of
Dodge + Burn

The Story of Dodge & Burn

Dodge and Burn was created out of a passion for analogue photography and classic cameras.  The sculpted mechanical beauty of vintage cameras, the legendary photographers who used them, and the iconic images they created are the things that fuel the Dodge and Burn brand.

We’re neck-deep into the digital age and more people than ever are taking photos.  I believe that regardless of whether you use your iPhone or an old Leica screw mount camera to capture your decisive moment, you are part of the history of photography.  Dodge and Burn is here to remind you of this.  

Each of the cameras illustrated on our tees is a classic.  From the elegant and precise Leica rangefinders of the 1950s to the rugged war-zone-tested Nikon’s of the 1970s, these shirts pay homage to some of the best cameras ever made.