The new American Classics tee may enrage as many people as it pleases. This is inevitable whenever a shortlist or Top-10 list is compiled. In this case, the American Classics tee features the names of nine photographers we believe represent the best of American image making.

That these nine photographers are great is not in dispute. What may be in dispute is who we chose to include on the list and who we chose to leave out.


Here are nine images to remind you why we love these American Classics. Tell us how your list would have looked in the comments below.



The Flatiron, 1904, Edward Steichen.



Succulent, 1932, Edward Weston



Indianapolis, 1956, Robert Frank.



Phone call, 1957, Saul Leiter.



Los Angeles, 1964, Gary Winogrand.



Brooklyn Family, 1966, Diane Arbus.



America by Car, 1995-2009, Lee Friedlander.



Untitled (Memphis), 1970, William Eggelston.



Subway, 1980, Bruce Davidson.