By now you'll have seen the latest Dodge & Burn tee, the 'Six by Seven'. The inspiration for all our designs is pretty straightforward: awesome cameras. Sure, the word awesome is overused, but we're confident applying it to all the cameras we've been inspired by and that we've featured on Dodge & Burn tees, perhaps none more so than the Pentax 6x7.

We were lucky enough to spend a few days with this camera, and loved it. It is the ergonomic equivalent of a Hummer. Big, solid, loud and it makes a statement. Heads turned whenever we took this camera out to shoot. 

Holding and working this camera is a treat with its beautiful wooden grip, outsized dials and focusing ring, and giant winder that brings to mind old high school physics lessons about levers and Force.


We always had the Pentax 6x7 in mind, since the day we launched Dodge & Burn. We're happy to finally bring you the Six-by-Seven tee.

While you're enjoying this new design, we'll be back at the drafting table working on the next addition to our line...