The annual AIPAD Photography Show is one of the things that makes New York great.  Held this past weekend at the beautiful Park Avenue Armory (built in 1861 by the first volunteer militia to respond to Lincoln's call for troops), it drew close to a hundred photography dealers from around the world.  The entire gamut of important photography was on display and for sale - from 19th century salt and albumen prints all the way through to the present.  We saw more than a few items we liked, but here are two that show the range of photography available at the show.

Hans P. Kraus Jr. Fine Photographs had this striking 1860's French hand-colored albumen print on display.  It is a portrait of a peasant and is a wonderful example of how photography during this period often served as the basis for hand-colored images.  A photograph of this type and quality is singularly rare and valuable.  Price: USD 45,000.

At the other end of the spectrum were a series of portraits by Ayano Sudo from Japan.  Ayano and her boyfriend photograph each other in various guises, playing with appearance and gender.  In one portrait, Ayano's boyfriend is a hairy-armed espresso drinking Geisha, in another he is a handsome 1930's movie matinee idol.  Ayano appears variously as a glamorous Marilyn Monroe lookalike, Little Red Riding Hood and a studious young man.  Her photographs are printed very finely on watercolor paper with small diamond appliques adding a bit of sparkle.  Her photographs can be purchased from Picture Photo Space in Osaka, Japan.