The past couple months have been very busy for us here at Dodge & Burn.  We’ve gotten some great press as well as some awesome appreciations from our equally awesome customers.  More on that in just a bit.
We kicked off August with a massive response from the readers of the excellent Canon Rumors site, which featured us on July 27th in their “Things That Are Cool” section.  Canon Rumors readers are evidently in dire need of t-shirts as they quickly bought out all our ‘Fast Shooter’ shirts (no surprise there) and then proceeded to work their way through the rest of our styles!
In mid-August, Dodge & Burn shirts were subjected to a stringent review by the venerable Petapixel…and passed with flying colors!  The verdict: “Dodge & Burn is a T-Shirt Brand Photo Enthusiasts Can Be Proud Of.”  Petapixel’s thumbs-up is an endorsement that we at Dodge & Burn can be proud of.
Earlier this summer Japan Camera Hunter, one of my favorite sites, featured Dodge & Burn.  Few people know and love vintage cameras as much as these guys.  Just take a look through their ‘What’s In Your Bag’ section and you’ll see what I mean.   Speaking of vintage cameras, check out a piece I wrote on the Top 5 Vintage SLR Cameras for Seven by Five.
Without a doubt, the best thing about our business is our customers.  We’ve been blown away by how passionate our customers are about vintage cameras and our shirts.  One of our customers wrote an excellent and totally unsolicited piece on our commitment to customer service.  Another customer posted a photo of  himself that encapsulates why we’re in business: to satisfy our fanatical enthusiasm for cameras and photography and to let people know it!