The Dodge & Burn store was launched mid-April with its first line of classic camera t-shirts. We knew we had something good on our hands and we knew people would love them.  What we didn't know was just how hungry people were for something that reflected their love, nostalgia and passion for the legendary mechanical cameras of the past. We quickly ran out of most sizes in most of our styles - and our first production run was not small. What I want to do here is acknowledge and thank some folks who helped us on our way.

Michael Zhang featured us on the excellent Petapixel blog.  If you have any interest in photography and camera equipment, you'll want to check it out. Shortly after, Dodge & Burn was featured on Soltice, another excellent blog focusing on photography, retouching and videography. Pratik Naik, the editor of Solstice told us he leads workshops on topics including dodging and burning. It'll be hard to imagine him wearing anything but our Dodge & Burn 'Classic' going forward. More recently, our shirts were featured on the very interesting and beautiful Silodrome site. Dodge & Burn was also featured on Swiat Obrazu, a Polish site that said very nice things about us. 

We also really appreciate the mentions we got from KEH, Shopify, BorrowLenses,  Behance and Five Thousand Fingers.