Thursday May 3

Duffy: Photographs

Opening Reception
Clic Bookstore & Gallery
255 Centre Street (Map it)
6-8 PM

By the end of the 1950s, the static and chaste status quo that had come to dominate fashion photography was usurped by a new, freewheeling mode of documentary fashion photography. Fashion bibles like Vogue and Elle, responding to the times, began zeroing in on what was hip, young and "prêt-à-porter" -- replacing the untouchable debutante of the 1950s with the energetic, playful every-girl who would come to exemplify the 1960s. Kinetic, sexy, and cheekily humorous, this new photographic sensibility helped reinvent London as Swinging London and give a visual identity to mod culture. At the forefront of this new wave were three British enfant terribles named David Bailey, Terry Donovan, and Brian Duffy - all irreverent, working class lads, contemptuous of the norm, who sought to rest the scepter of fashion photography from the grips of so-called 'gentleman' photographers such as Norman Parkinson and Cecil Beaton. Brian Duffy, known simply as "Duffy", was a wildly inventive and acid-tongued photographer - the most technically sophisticated of the three - who was responsible for some of the era's most iconic images.  read more...

Ruth Gruber: Photographs as Witness

Opening Reception
Soho Photo
15 White Street (Map it)
6-8 PM

This exhibition features the work of Ruth Gruber, the 100-year-old legendary photojournalist and the winner of the 2011 International Center of Photography’s Infinity Cornell Capa Award. Born in Brooklyn in 1911, Ruth Gruber became the youngest Ph.D. in the world before going on to become an international foreign correspondent at age 24. With her love of adventure, her fearlessness and powerful intellect, Gruber defied tradition in an extraordinary career that spanned seven decades. Her many accomplishments included escorting Holocaust refugees to America in 1944, covering the Nuremberg trials in 1946, and documenting the Haganah ship “Exodus” in 1947. Ms. Gruber is scheduled to be at the gallery on Thursday, May 24th at 6:30 PM for a screening of the acclaimed documentary, Ahead of Time, and to sign her book, Witness.  read more.. 

Wednesday May 9

Delpire & Co.

Opening Reception
Aperture Gallery and Bookstore
547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor (Map it)
6-8 PM

Over the past sixty years, the eyes and instincts of Robert Delpire have shaped much of the world’s understanding of photography. A prolific publisher and exhibition organizer, with a razor-sharp comprehension of the graphic arts, Delpire has had a defining hand in the careers of many of the master photographers of recent history. Delpire & Co. was one of the highlights of the Rencontres d’Arles, France, in summer 2009. The exhibition showcases Delpire’s rise to prominence in the world of photography through his pioneering and seminal work in magazine and book publishing, films, curatorship, and advertising for the past fifty years. Delpire & Co. is divided among four venues, creating altogether a comprehensive exhibition on Delpire’s many initiatives. Howard Greenberg Gallery and Pace/MacGill Gallery also have exhibitions concurrently on view in celebration of Robert Delpire’s life and work.  read more...

Todd Burris: Photography

Opening Reception
Robin Rice Gallery
325 West 11th Street (Map it)
6-8 PM

Burris’ work is influenced by his early career spent working with fashion photographer Bill King and inspired by the decisive moment made known by the Henri Cartier Bresson. Todd left the world of fashion photography after building his own career in Milan and New York to go to LA and find his niche. This collection of black and white images conveys a sense of effervescence and Élan. It includes photographs from Burris' time in Los Angeles as well as earlier experimental work in Milan and New York City.  read more...


Thursday May 10

A Tribute to Robert Delpire: Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Josef Koudelka, Duane Michals, and Paolo Roversi

Opening Reception
Pace/MacGill Gallery
32 East 57th Street, 9th Floor (Map it)
6-8 PM

For over half a century, Delpire has been profoundly instrumental in the careers of some of photography's now most noted practitioners, supporting their work early on through his projects and publications. In 1958, he published Robert Frank's ground-breaking monograph, Les Americaines, at a time when securing an American publisher for Frank's revolutionary work proved difficult. Among the other masters with whom Delpire has collaborated is the Czech photographer Josef Koudelka.  read more... 

Fred Stein: Paris / New York

Opening Reception
Robert Mann Gallery
210 11th Avenue, 10th Floor (Map it)
6-8 PM

Virtuoso of the Leica, Fred Stein is a largely unsung master of a generation of photographers whose talents were swept across Europe by the dark geopolitical events of the 1930s and 1940s, only to land in the safe haven of New York. Captured with verve and wit, an eye for the poignant as well as the surprising, Stein's images of the urban life and iconic portraits of the luminaries of the 20th century are ripe for rediscovery. With a selection of vintage prints spanning over three decades, Fred Stein: Paris / New York will introduce 21st century audiences to the range of the photographer's work.  read more... 

Liberty and Justice (For All): A Global Photo Mosaic

Opening Reception with Panel Discussion
VII Gallery
28 Jay Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn (Map it)
Contact Gallery for further details: 212-337-3130

This collective show, in association with Alaska Quarterly Review, represents a rare photo edition in memory of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros. Sixty-eight of among the world’s leading photojournalists proactively honor Tim and Chris by exploring the universal themes of liberty and justice through images and personal narrative.  read more...

An Evening of Rock and Roll: Photographs by Patrick Harbron

Discussion with Photographer
The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center, Bruno Walter Auditorium (Map it)
6 - 7:30 PM

From 1976 through the mid-1990s, rock 'n' roll photographer, Patrick Harbron photographed many of the major names of rock music for magazines, album covers, publicity, and the groups themselves. In this presentation of performance and portrait, drawn from hundreds of photographs, Harbron will recount his experiences with artists and show his two decades of photography, a visual personal history of an amazing time in music.  read more...

Friday May 11

Public Assembly: Mike Sinclair

Opening Reception
Jen Bekman Projects
6 Spring Street (Map it)
6-8 PM

Seeking out the quintessentially American celebrations and rituals in his Midwestern stomping grounds, Sinclair’s portraits of sun-dappled barbecues, baseball games and fairgrounds possess both a comfort and wonderment in their honesty. Finding himself in crowds where he is often staring at the spectacle that everyone else is immersed in, Sinclair’s images of these loosely organized forms of congregation ruminate on the American experience, poetically lifting the ordinary into the idyllic.  read more...

Thursday May 24

Matthew Brandt: Lakes, Trees and Honeybees

Opening Reception
Yossi Milo Gallery
245 10th Avenue (Map it)
6-8 PM

Matthew Brandt creates his prints using physical elements from the subject itself. Inspired by landscape photography of the American West – especially its correlation to the methods of printing and making images during photography’s infancy in the mid-nineteenth century – the artist revives traditional photographic techniques through various production processes, including handmade papermaking and gum-bichromate. Whether soaking prints in water from the subject lake, or printing on paper that the artist made from the subject tree, or even using a pigment that the artist created from the subject (charcoal from the trees, gum-bichromate emulsion of honeybees), Brandt blurs the line between the photograph and the photographed.  read more...

Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin: Photographs

Opening Reception
A.I.R. Gallery
111 Front Street, Suite 228, Brooklyn (Map it)
6-8 PM

"I look for visual metaphors in the landscape. My photographs focus primarily on dramatic cloud formations, sinuous bodies of water, and sensuous trees and foliage. I use black and white infrared film because it captures the visible spectrum as well as the infrared light that lies beyond what the human eye can see. This medium accentuates the contrast between light and shadow, enhancing our sense of the unknowable and the mysterious, as well as underscoring the limitations of our perception. I continue to explore what I see before me, seeking more information and greater comprehension, even though I realize that this is akin to contemplating infinity: by definition, one can never actually arrive at that point - one can only approach it." - Artists Statement  read more...

Wednesday May 30

Gifted and Talented

Opening Reception
Third Streaming
10 Greene Street, 2nd Floor (Map it)
6-8 PM

Gifted and Talented is a group exhibition comprised of photography, video, and live performance curated by acclaimed artist Clifford Owens, featuring the work of up-and-coming artists whose practices are centered around performance. The artists, who include Tom Chung, Élan Jurado, Ali Kheradyar and Tameka Norris, and Clifford Owens, work with the specifics of ritual, and explore the labyrinth of identity politics without regard for the limitations of any specific media. Their practices incorporate live performance and those specifically created for the camera, blurring the boundaries between the two.  read more... 

Thursday May 31


Opening Reception
Steven Kasher Gallery
521 West 23d Street (Map it)
6-8 PM

This is Lawrence Schiller's first solo exhibition in the United States and will feature over fifty iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, many of which have been newly discovered in his archives.  This exhibition coincides with the publication of Schiller's eleventh book, Marilyn & Me. Shown for the first time will be his original proof sheets with Marilyn’s rejection markings and scrawled notes. The exhibition will also include vintage prints from throughout Schiller’s illustrious career as photojournalist. Schiller will be in attendance at the opening to discuss his work and sign copies of this books. The exhibition will be sponsored by Dom Perignon and Zenith watches.  read more...

The FotoVisura Grant Exhibition

United Photo Industries HQ
111 Front Street, Suite 204, Brooklyn (Map it)
6-9 PM

The FotoVisura Grant for Outstanding Personal Photography Project is focused on providing economical support and creative guidance to professional and student photographers seeking to continue developing their personal work. The Grant aims to support personal photography projects to encourage the production and development of photography outside the commercial realm. The Grant is eligible for projects not initiated by an assignment or commission.  read more...