“I guess I cull influences from a lot of places but it's more just the spirit of the work or the act of doing that motivates me.”

Multifaceted artist and photographer Jeremy Okai Davis says that his affinity for a particular photograph comes from the moment he is capturing it. Jeremy does not hold a particular photo close to him; instead, mundane things like a drink on a table which get captured well, become prized possessions.  The photographer has a penchant for photographs that bring along memories. Capturing fascinating photographs from his Pentax K1000 Jeremy is happy doing what he loves the most.


Drawing lessons from life itself, the carefree photographer feels that his best teachers are the challenges that he has faced.  There is no particular genre that he dislikes shooting, but Jeremy reveals that he finds shooting for weddings a tedious affair.  However he has captured some really beautiful photographs during weddings as he says that it all depends upon the time and place. Spontaneous photographs, where the subject just stopped and looked at him are his personal favorites, as contrived photos just don’t interest him.

Jeremy says that even though most good photographers have got an eye for capturing the perfect moment. We’re reminded that capturing those moments are not effortless and photography isn’t like riding a bike; you’ve got to be regularly honing those skills.

Earlier in his career the photographer was more in line with situational photography, but now he feels that life has slowed down a bit for him.  Parties and cookouts with friends do not happen that often now and Jeremy has now moved on to a selective style as Instagram is now dominating his day to day documentarian style of photography. Not only does he love the look of the film on the social media platform but he also gets an instant gratification from it. It allows him to ditch his camera sometimes, as he goes for instant photo sharing.

"I think most good photographers have an eye for the moment but capturing it isn't like riding a bike. You have to hone it."


Jason Fulford, Ryan McGinley and Patrick Hoelck are some of the artists who have captured his attention with their unique styles. When Jeremy discovered the photography of J&L, he entered into a period of chaos and confusion which further led him to discover its influences.  Jeremy was also inspired by the works of Stephen Shore and Walker Evans. He admires the style of street photography of WeeGee and Jamel Shabazz and finds Francesca Woodman’s work stunning.

One of the lessons that Jeremy has learned during his tryst with photography is that one needs to shoot what they like often. The key is to keep on experimenting. He says that it might feel nice to have a niche, but it is not enough to rest on one’s laurels. According to him, each new shot or roll directly or indirectly influences the next one.

You need to be wary of what you shoot so that you are able to go with the flow, making you go where your photography takes you.”