The selfie is alive and well across the globe but by and large it's anything but artistic.  We're looking to inspire folks to spend some time with their camera, instamatic, polaroid, or iphone and make something beautiful.

Photographer Rebecca Cairns knows there is nothing wrong with taking a picture of yourself but understands how to do it with style.

Introducing #SelfPortraitSunday.  There is a rich history throughout multiple mediums of self portraiture.  We just think it should be done in an artistic way, not just you and your coffee.  Tag your photos with #SelfPortraitSunday or #SayNoToSelfies and we'll feature the work of some of the best we find on Instagram on our blog.  We'll also share some of our favorites from the masters from the past like this candid polaroid of Ansel Adams we shared this last Sunday.  

So step up your game and shoot away.