We plan to begin next week with a regular photographer feature and we want you.  This is your chance to shine.  We want to hear from you and see some of your best work because we want to help get you the recognition you deserve.  Only a novice but love the craft of photography and would love for us to feature someone you know or appreciate from a far?  Submit their portfolio for them.  While we've traditionally focused on film photography don't limit yourself if you work in various formats be it digital, film or even iphone.  If you're incredible we want to see it.


Upcoming featured photographer Rebecca Cairns.

Our goal with Dodge and Burn is to continue to highlight the tools and historical icons of photography but also to help to further the art form by helping new talent gain the audience they need to take the next step.  


Send your portfolio links or some samples of your personally favorite shots and a description of your work and we'll be in contact.  Just email support(at)dodgeandburn.com with the subject "Dodge And Burn Feature".
Théo Gosselin
Upcoming Featured Photographer Théo Gosselin.