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American Classics

The new American Classics tee may enrage as many people as it pleases. This is inevitable whenever a shortlist or Top-10 list is compiled. In this case, the American Classics tee features the names of nine photographers we believe represent the best of American image making.
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Interview with Gary Tyson

Gary Tyson is a professional photographer based in Hong Kong. Over the past year at Dodge & Burn we've gotten to know and love his style, so we sat down with Gary to chat about...
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The Perfect Summer Tee

Say hello to the new Dodge & Burn Classic Heather tees. Unlike most of our other tees which are made from fine jersey ring-spun cotton, these heather tees are made from a blend of cotton,...
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Introducing the Six-by-Seven

  By now you'll have seen the latest Dodge & Burn tee, the 'Six by Seven'. The inspiration for all our designs is pretty straightforward: awesome cameras. Sure, the word awesome is overused, but we're...
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